Quick WellnessWinz Intro Video!

For this week’s post, I hope that you all enjoy WellnessWinz’s first video! This is an introductory video that is under 40 seconds long and explains what this blog is all about. Comment, share, enjoy and spread the love!

Now, if you haven’t already joined the growing community of women reading WellnessWinz, consider checking out the first three written blog posts! This is a blog for YOU so please don’t hesitate to take some ownership over shaping the content and offering up commentary! Let’s grow together.

Lastly, if you are interested in reading more about health/wellness/fitness, feel free to browse the new “References” section that I’ve added to all of the current blog posts. I will continue to add references to each post moving forward for an enhanced WellnessWinz experience!

Yours in health and wellness,


A big thank you to Kelsey Layne Photography for Videography and Production!


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