A Message From Paris

We are on the verge of a new year and there is much to celebrate! Women from 36 countries have read the WellnessWinz blog since its launch just under 3 months ago – that’s incredible. Imagine the dialogue and awareness we can develop together in 2015! Before the new year begins I want to send a special, brief note from Paris.

…I walked across the famous “Love Lock Bridge” in Paris just a few days ago. The bridge, seen in the picture below, has thousands upon thousands of locks on it. The tradition is for sweethearts to display their love by placing a lock on the bridge. This is much like couples carving their initials into a tree. The bridge is so popular that it’s actually suffering physical damages due to the weight of the locks. Thus, I decided that it wouldn’t be right for me to place a lock on the bridge in honor of WellnessWinz. Instead, I’m sending this “love note” to my readers as a metaphorical lock and promise.

Love Lock Bridge

WellnessWinz will continue to post at least once a week for all of 2015. Even on busy and overwhelming weeks, I will find time. No matter what. Women’s wellness is too important to “put off until tomorrow” because a healthy woman takes on the world with an exuberant energy that is unparalleled.

As we enter a new year it’s also important to look back and remind ourselves of the lessons we’ve learned. Please enjoy perusing the Archives page for posts you want to read again or skipped posts that you still want to make time for. There is a little something for everyone and MUCH more to come!

Upcoming: The new year will kick off with a series of posts that will help you understand how to create and maintain a healthy exercise routine. Rest assured that this year you won’t burn out after a month of hitting the gym hard. I will be here to guide you through posts and to answer questions/emails. Please reach out to me about your personal goals or needs and I will help you more one-on-one (don’t worry this is my favor to you – no charge)! You don’t have to feel lost on your health journey – there is a roadmap we can create and follow together!

Navigate your year

I have no doubt you will be marvelous in 2015! Cheers to ringing in another year!

Yours in health and wellness,


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