Your Booty is the Best


What lady doesn’t want to hear that her booty is her best asset?! Just imagine…there are cat calls left and right as you sashay through your day. Or maybe that’s kind of creepy?  Man-oh-man, lady, your derriere is AMAZING!

If you’re thinking “no way, that doesn’t apply to me,” then think again. Of course it does! Here’s why…

The muscle in your rear end is actually the largest in your body. You’re probably thinking, I already know this and it’s why buying jeans is such an ordeal. This isn’t something to be upset about though. It’s something to embrace!

Love your booty

The size of our bottoms means several positive things:

1) Power. The glutes are often referred to as the “powerhouse” muscle group. They act as a “Commander” over other muscles during exercise, taking over much of the responsibility for working hard. Powerful glutes are why tennis players can lunge quickly to return a strong serve. They are what allow a soccer player to kick the ball far across the field. They are what energize a gymnast as she flips and cartwheels through a floor routine.

2) Increased Caloric Burn. The large size of the glutes means that they are also capable of expending more calories compared with smaller muscles when they are worked. This is what I call “good stuff.” So, if we get the lower body involved in an exercise session then we’re going to burn more calories. For example, if you’re doing a shoulder press while also performing squats then you are burning more energy compared to just doing the shoulder press. Pretty straight forward stuff.  

3) Function. One of the first things I do for clients with back pain, knee pain, and/or ankle instability is strengthen their glutes. If the glutes are not strong then dysfunction will follow. Safe and controlled exercises such as hip bridges, glute kickbacks, and side lying leg lifts are a good place to start. Anything that activates the glutes will help to gradually (or even rapidly) improve other areas of the body. Why? Other smaller muscles have to work harder when the “Commander” (see #1) does not perform her job effectively. In essence, this tires them out. Poor little things. 

4) Desirability. Men are attracted to the toosh/heinie/derriere/booty/junk-in-the-trunk. It’s primal. And women are attracted to men with powerful bodies too. It’s not a bad thing! Having muscle and even some “fluff” in your rear end is natural. Now, just because you don’t have a JLo or Kim Kardashian booty does not mean that yours is unattractive. Also, just because you might have cellulite or stretch marks, does not mean that you’re in the minority. It’s common and normal. Please don’t feel ashamed.

Unfortunately, we lose sight of just how treasured our own tooshies are because of all the photoshopped, smooth, and tanned bottoms abound in the media. I’m sorry but no one has a naturally tan bottom mid-winter…or even in the summer unless you flaunt a thong…I smell something suspicious people!!!

Enjoy yours and put it to good use for your workouts and needs!

Yours in health and wellness,

Maggie Winzeler

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