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There are countless maneuvers at the gym that I will call “cringe-worthy” because an individual moves through an exercise with terrible form, all for the sake of doing it quickly. Although these individuals think they look pretty sophisticated, they actually appear sloppy and out of controlSorry to break the bad news. Not to mention, they risk getting hurt.

Lots of people who are new to personal training will try to rush through all their exercises but they’re usually with the trainer for a full hour no matter how fast they push! It’s important to slow down…and sometimes, in more places than just the gym…

Side note: “Sorry” to anyone who has trained with me and fought tirelessly to speed up the clock in order to end the torture…guess you know already that it didn’t work out for ya. Wink. 

Rushing vs slowing down

One of the wisest trainers I know is Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar. He is regularly featured by The Washington Post as one of DC’s top personal trainers. Rightfully so! Fellow trainers revere his Jedi focus and energy. 

One of my favorite things that Karim says to his clients is “let’s just focus on making the exercise look good.” Karim knows that concentrating on poise and control allows an individual to get more out of the exercise. It will help her concentrate on target muscle groups and resist using momentum or inappropriate muscles for assistance. In other words, the exercise becomes more concentrated and more effective.

If that doesn’t convince you, then perhaps the words at the top of Karim’s website will: “You are a masterpiece! Love yourself!” He believes you deserve the best and so do I!

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