Welcome to WellnessWinz!

My name is Maggie Winzeler and you can read more about me here: Author. But for now, the blog…

I started WellnessWinz to bring women holistic fitness and wellness posts, often accompanied by a side dish of humor and humility. The posts mainly draw from my knowledge as a fitness professional but I interweave my personal perspective into the blog, too. Don’t worry, it’s obvious when I’m writing an article based on objective information versus fun (or embarrassing) stories from my experiences.

As a fitness professional, I have found that women often need encouragement and guidance while working to strike balance in their lives. I believe that each woman gets to decide what optimal well-being looks like in her own life and that this definition may change season to season. It’s not a static state. We learn and grow.

Some women may define wellness as eating an all-plant based diet while some may focus heavily on protein for their health. Active women may feel that running five days a week is the peak expression of fitness while others may never participate in high-impact exercise, focusing exclusively on yoga and Pilates. I’m here to help you explore your options for fitness, wellness and happiness with courage! There are many paths we get to choose from, so let’s have some fun in the process!

Yours in health and wellness,



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