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Every woman is worthy of holistic mind, body and spirit wellness.

The Wellness Movement is a free quarterly resource via email that works to enhance the health of recipients and spread awareness about ways to improve wellness for underprivileged communities of women.

This resource is perfect for individuals passionate about both individual and collective wellness and is a free way to learn about new wellness products, the latest health technology, desirable discounts, opportunities for wellness activism, NPOs elevating women’s wellness, and more.

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9 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. margaret carter

    Every time I read one of Maggie’s write-ups I feel so grounded because she is really a truth sayer.The perspective she gives is balanced. The way she ties in her own personal experience is not self promoting.Yet each time I read one of her posts she is gaining credibility with me.Keep going….this genuinely feels as if you calling is being reached.

    Margaret Carter

    1. wellnesswinz


      Your words are very thoughtful and appreciated! I aim to stay authentic and to serve my reader’s best interests. Let me know if you need anything as we move forward in this journey!

      Yours in health and wellness,


  2. Taryn Whitlark

    Wellnesswinz is a great resource! I enjoy receiving it in my inbox. It helps me remember that the connection between my body and mind is real yet mystical, and I must respect and celebrate it.
    Taryn Whitlark

  3. Meredith O'Leary

    Wellnesswinz has given me a different (and better) perspective on wellness in my day-to-day life. The author understands the ups and downs of life, and promotes healthy living and decision making. Since I started reading this blog, my awareness has risen, as well as my motivation, and I believe that *I can* make the changes I need to – because *I am*. She has a beautiful balance, and realistic outlook, while providing wonderful insights and advice. I don’t think that I would have sought plans and answers if she did not lay them out concisely for me.

    Meredith O’Leary

    1. wellnesswinz

      Hi Margaret!

      It’s absolutely an amazing experience with the energy of other women around you. YaLa is SO uplifting and a great workout to boot. Laurent teaches at various studios and clubs around DC. You can find more info on him at Equinox and Balance Gym but I will ask him for more details and other locations.

      He has also done some fun events at the water front near the Nats ball park during warm weather.

      Laurent has an option to view classes on his website but it appears to be under construction or not working at the moment. I will loop back to you with more info after I get in touch with him!

      Thanks for reading and sharing your enthusiasm!

      Best in health and wellness always,


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