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Women’s Fitness



Personal training at its best because… it’s PERSONAL! That’s right, no one-size-fits-all plan here. You will work with your trainer to customize the perfect plan for your needs, whether that’s weight loss, toning, flexibility, strength, endurance, speed or even just staying on track with exercise. Let’s get after your goals. Together.



“Maggie is an outstanding trainer who devotes time and attention to tailoring a high performance program for each client.  She goes the extra mile.” -B.F.

“I would follow Maggie Winzeler anywhere. She is a superb ally and advocate, highly knowledgeable and eager to meet any challenge or wrinkle. I have several injuries, chronic and recent, and she has helped me move to a vastly different level of training, health, confidence, and excitement about the realm of the possible for my physical fitness. I can’t say how grateful I am to have Maggie in my corner. And that’s how it feels: she will be there to support you, push you, encourage, and also be keenly aware of when limitations can be overcome and when they need to be respected, and the balance between the two. She takes the time to figure out who she is dealing with; no cookie-cutter training here. Moreover, her breadth and depth of knowledge makes it possible for me to always be learning something new, which I consider an essential element of enjoying fitness.” – J.S.


Race Training



There’s nothing quite like the feeling of crossing the finish line. Whether you’re trying to run your first 10K or set a PR for your 5th marathon, a race plan is key to success. Unlike other plans just focused on mileage, this race training package will also offer support and feedback for your running form, posture, footwear, old injuries, chronic pains, cross-training and more!



“Maggie is the best. I ran a 10K for the first time in my life and I felt good. Whereas I continually liked to say at every class that I was going to die, she indulged me – and I didn’t!  In fact, I looked forward to Monday evening runs. In addition to all of those wonderful things, I also lost eight pounds in those eight weeks of training. I would encourage all those who’ve ever thought of running a 10K or longer to join training with Maggie. You’ll enjoy it immensely and have a great time.”  –F.W.

“Before Maggie’s running program, I had never gone beyond 3 miles! Running definitely feels more natural for me now; I feel it in the way my body moves. I know for sure that I want to keep it up because it’s always been a goal of mine to become a better runner!”  -S.M.



Wellness Coaching



The perfect way to find your center. Combining best practices for personal training and life coaching, this package will individually tailor a plan to enhance your fitness, nutrition, self-esteem and overall happiness. If you’re in need of some direction and encouragement, this is a great fit!



“My top adjectives to describe Maggie Winzeler: knowledgeable, loyal, sensitive, skilled, rigorous, encouraging, optimistic.” -J.S.

 “Maggie was most helpful in explaining and recommending individual training/health goals for me to achieve in the future. Goals which are still applicable today. Since that first introductory session, on a weekly basis, Maggie has been providing me with both challenging and highly beneficial training sessions while also supplying me with numerous advantageous health and wellness recommendations. In addition to her sparkling personality, Maggie is very business-like and professional.” -G.L.



Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise



Each woman’s pregnancy and recovery from delivery is as unique as the woman’s body itself. It’s essential to work with a health professional who can support you through your individual situation and any challenges, concerns or health complications that may arise. Exercising during this sensitive time doesn’t have to be scary or taboo when you have someone on your side to guide you through it in a healthful manner. Both your body and baby will thank you!



“I eagerly look forward to each and very session I have with Maggie. Her upbeat personality and enthusiasm are infectious. Maggie has a sincere desire to coach, encourage and educate you to your strongest and healthiest.  After four years of training with Maggie, I can say that each and every session is customized to meet my needs and goals for that season of life. Through Maggie’s guidance and focused direction, I have learned the importance of physical well-being and the value of building muscle to stay healthy and strong. I would highly recommend Maggie to any mom who is searching for a complete program of health and fitness because Maggie has the knowledge and the dedication to guide you to become your healthiest. While working with Maggie you will become the benefactor of her immense knowledge. This is not just a job to Maggie but a way of life, and it is clear that she loves what she does.” -A.K.





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Virtual Services (consulting via phone, video chat, Skype, etc.)




In-Person Services



Please note that in-person services are only offered for the greater Richmond, VA area and may vary based on location. Extra fees may apply depending on travel distance to location of training. Occasional dates may be arranged for training in Washington, DC with advance notice and a premium charge. Discounts available for large packages of 15, 20 and 30 sessions. Full payments are due at the time of transaction and are non-refundable.  


*Free 10-minute call per prospective client to answer any questions prior to signing up for a package.


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