Lovingly referred to as my “wellness chats,” these videos are unscripted but mindful discussions about health and wellness topics. A holistic and candid approach is, in my opinion, an essential element for propelling these topics forward and integrating them into our lives. In some videos I’m freshly showered and in others I haven’t even brushed my teeth or hair yet. Some videos are recorded when I’m peaceful and reflective while others are squeezed into the rare quiet minutes of my day when children are napping and I must work in overdrive to get things done. Being transparent and doing life with my readers is a part of my own wellness journey. I hope it inspires yours, too! Feel free to drop comments below and continue the discussion!


Not Gonna Flash a 6-Pack

The before & after photos. The fitness pros flashing 6-packs. It all adds to the image-driven pressure but we can break free from it.

Blind Spots

We all have blind spots in our bodies and training. In this video, I’m exposing mine and helping you consider how to identify yours.

Does Perfect Health Exist?

Even though we intrinsically know that perfect health doesn’t exist, we still strive for it and measure ourselves against it. For what? What are the implications of this pressure on our actual health?

6 Creative Ways to Switch Up Workouts

Throwing out some fresh ideas so that you never feel stagnant in your workout regimen! The options for moving our bodies are virtually endless.

Counter the Negative Effects of Multitasking

Both multitasking and decision fatigue affect our entire bodies. Meditation techniques have been proven to balance the toxic effects of our busy modern lives.

“Don’t be a Martha!”

The challenges we face when we over schedule our lives + how we can slow down and reorient.

Daily Positives & Affirmations

The practice of positive thinking is not always second nature. Sometimes we have to work at it, but the strength of its results can be incredible and life changing.

Hormone Changes Under Stress

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s important for women to reflect on how simple lifestyle habits impact the delicate hormonal balance for the better or worse.

Pain Management 101

Discussing how to quiet loud and overwhelming pain before even setting foot in physical therapy or the doctor’s office (which are important too, of course).


For more wellness chats feel free to check out my new Instagram TV channel (see below) or follow me on Instagram. Stay well, friends! xo ~Maggie

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