I AM…a mother, wife, fitness professional, writer and wannabe interior decorator

I AM…a personal trainer with 12+ yrs. experience who takes privilege in helping her clients find balance and health in life

I AM…a marathon runner, cycle instructor, and HIIT enthusiast

I AM…a Wahoo (UVA) and a Hoya (GU)

I AM…a dog mom to a Yorkshire terrier who we sometimes call “crazy Daisy” (woof woof)

I AM…a lover of nature and finding God within it

I AM…the survivor of three potentially life-threatening accidents

I AM…a real mom; the kind who tries her hardest but often makes mistakes




I BELIEVE…it’s every woman’s right to feel happy, comfortable and healthy in her own body…dare I say, proud in it, too

I BELIEVE…that no one exercise or diet program can work for everyone; that’s vastly underserving how unique each person’s body is

I BELIEVE…in empowering pregnant and postpartum women to exercise in a safe and healthful manner

I BELIEVE…in helping reduce intimidation and stress over the breastfeeding relationship and journey

I BELIEVE…in healthy foods AND comfort meals…food is cultural and emotional, and it’s possible to have a multidimensional and healthy relationship with it

(That’s right! I drink wine, eat carbs and oh yea….LIVE!)

I BELIEVE…that wellness is an evolving process of the body/mind/spirit as each responds to personal, familial, occupational, social and spiritual pulls

I BELIEVE…the human body can be pushed to do almost anything we ask of it…but that sometimes, it’s not worth asking

I BELIEVE…in the medicinal power of a good workout

I BELIEVE…in helping women fit into their “skinny jeans” again, but believe that if the person wearing them isn’t truly happy then it’s worth almost nothing

I BELIEVE…in reminders to ease up on ourselves; life is short and women can be their own harshest critics

I BELIEVE…in the power of positive energy, optimistic thinking, and prayer


India 5 043



I DON’T BELIEVE IN…fitness programs aimed only at short-term aesthetics

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…quitting before really trying

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…product-pushing to my clients for things I don’t actually care about or believe in, just because someone wants to pay me for it

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…the notion that our bodies are doomed to let us down through the aging process

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…spending life worrying over how many “likes” one gets on social media

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…abusing our bodies for the sake of bikini contests, endurance events, wedding-day countdowns or any other monumental life experiences…we can enjoy and participate in these experiences without doing ourselves harm (and yes, can still look phenomenal!)

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…crash diets

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…racing through life and missing out on the beauty that’s right in front of us

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…ignoring or dismissing our weaknesses; this is where we are invited to grow


Demonstrating Side Lunge at SCLA


Education & Experience Highlights:

  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology, The University of Virginia
  • Master’s in Sports Management, Georgetown University recognized by SportBusiness International as a top 10 program worldwide
  • Recipient of the Georgetown University Tropaia Award (2016)
  • Mind/Body Instructor at Mii Amo; “#1 Destination Spa” Travel and Leisure 2007
  • Group Exercise Supervisor at UVA Aquatics and Fitness Center; “Hottest for Fitness” Newsweek 2007
  • Advantage Trainer and Running Coach at The Sports Club/LA in Washington, DC, recognized as an industry leader with award winning trainers by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Business Week, Shape Magazine, and more. (In 2014, The Sports Club/LA was acquired by Equinox.)
  • Advisor for
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA: CSCS)
  • Certified for Life; SPINNING
  • STOTT Pilates Intensive-Mat Plus
  • Yoga Vidya Dham, Certified with Distinction
  • Mentioned/Featured in The Washington Examiner, Washington Post Express, The Washington City Paper, Mad Dogg Athletics; Spinning and Peak Pilates, Diary of a Fit Mommy and more


I’m very excited to be growing this blog! My goal is to continue to serve those individuals who are hungry for credible, holistic knowledge and/or who wish to make the most of their physical experience in order to grow mentally and spiritually. Thomas Jefferson said: “A strong body makes a strong mind.”


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