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“To me, good health is more than just exercise and diet. It’s really a point of view and a mental attitude you have about yourself.”

~Albert Schweitzer



I AM…a mother, wife, fitness professional, writer and wannabe interior decorator

I AM…a personal trainer with 15+ yrs. experience who takes privilege in helping her clients find balance and health in life

I AM…a wounded healer and empath

I AM…a marathon runner, cycle instructor, and inner yogi

I AM…a Wahoo (UVA) and a Hoya (GU)

I AM…a dog mom to a Yorkshire terrier who we sometimes call “crazy Daisy” 

I AM…a lover of nature and finding God within it

I AM…a real mom; the kind who tries her hardest but often makes mistakes

I AM…a self-professed modern Christian mystic who honors the divine within people from diverse spiritual backgrounds




I BELIEVE…it’s every woman’s right to feel happy, comfortable and healthy in her own body…dare I say, proud in it, too

I BELIEVE…that no one exercise or style of eating can work for everyone; that’s vastly under serving how unique each person’s body is

I BELIEVE…in empowering pregnant and postpartum women to exercise in a safe and healthful manner

I BELIEVE…in helping reduce intimidation and stress over the breastfeeding relationship and journey

I BELIEVE…in healthy foods AND comfort meals…food is cultural and emotional, and it’s possible to have a multidimensional and healthy relationship with it

I BELIEVE…that wellness is an evolving process of the body/mind/spirit as each responds to personal, familial, occupational, social and spiritual pulls

I BELIEVE…the human body can be pushed to do almost anything we ask of it…but that sometimes, it’s not worth asking

I BELIEVE…in the medicinal power of joyful movement

I BELIEVE…in helping women feel strong and capable in their bodies, leaning into intuition and self-trust

I BELIEVE…in reminders to ease up on ourselves; life is short and women can be their own harshest critics

I BELIEVE…that wellness should be accessible for all people

I BELIEVE…in the power of positive energy, optimistic thinking, and prayer…but also in humility, honesty and owning ALL feelings

I BELIEVE…that compassion is one of the keys for collective healing


“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”

~Arabian Proverb




I DON’T BELIEVE IN…fitness programs aimed only at short-term aesthetics

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…quitting before really trying

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…product-pushing to my clients for things I don’t actually care about or believe in, just because someone wants to pay me for it

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…the notion that our bodies are doomed to let us down through the aging process

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…judgement and condemnation of the self or others

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…abusing our bodies for the sake of bikini contests, endurance events, wedding-day countdowns or any other monumental life experiences…we can enjoy and participate in these experiences without doing ourselves harm (and yes, can still look phenomenal!)

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…crash diets…or really, diets in general

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…racing through life and missing out on the beauty that’s right in front of us

I DON’T BELIEVE IN…ignoring or dismissing our weaknesses; this is where we are invited to grow



Education & Experience Highlights:

  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology, The University of Virginia, Summa Cum Laude

  • Master’s in Sports Management, Georgetown University recognized by SportBusiness International as a top 10 program worldwide

  • Recipient of the Georgetown University Tropaia Award (2016)

  • Mind/Body Instructor at Mii Amo; “#1 Destination Spa” Travel and Leisure (2007)

  • Group Exercise Supervisor at UVA Aquatics and Fitness Center; “Hottest for Fitness” Newsweek (2007)

  • Advantage Trainer and Running Coach at The Sports Club/LA in Washington, DC, recognized as an industry leader with award winning trainers by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Business Week and more. Acquired by Equinox in 2014. 

  • Former Advisor for Fitiverse.com and several other fitness start-ups

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA: CSCS)

  • Certified for Life; SPINNING

  • STOTT Pilates Intensive-Mat Plus

  • Yoga Vidya Dham, Certified with Distinction

  • Personally Mentioned/Featured in Shape.com, NBC News, MyFitnessPal, Thrive Global, HealthiNation, BottomLine, The Washington Examiner, Washington Post Express, The Washington City Paper, Mad Dogg Athletics, Spinning, Peak Pilates, Aaptiv and more



 “A strong body makes a strong mind.”

~Thomas Jefferson





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